How to Make Your Heating Oil Last Longer

There’s no doubt about it – at the minute, the weather is freezing cold. Whenever winter rolls around, it’s important to keep your house nice and warm. Your health, and the actual structure of your home, depend on it. Of course, heating can be an expensive bill at the end of the month. To save […]

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Heating Oil Tank

A heating oil tank is the overlooked hero of many properties in the UK.  They are vital for keeping your home warm in winter, and your showers with a constant flow of hot water! Able to be installed outside, inside or even underground, heating oil tanks are available in a range of efficient configurations and […]


How to read your heating oil tank fuel gauge

Understanding how to read your heating oil tank fuel gauge is a crucial skill for homeowners relying on oil for warmth. We’ve created a step-by-step checklist on how to read your heating oil gauge, deciphering different levels, and knowing when it’s time to reorder. Plus, we’ll explore what to do in the rare instance of […]


How to choose the correct heating oil tank

Selecting the correct heating oil tank is a crucial decision for homeowners relying on this energy source to keep their homes warm. With various options available, finding the tank that aligns with your specific needs and preferences is essential. As experts in the field, our team here at QuickTanks will walk you through the key […]


Everything you need to know about heating oil tanks

Heating oil tanks play a vital role in keeping our homes warm and cosy, especially here in the UK where they are a common fixture. In this guide, we’ll unravel the mysteries surrounding heating oil tanks, exploring what they are, how they work, their prevalence in the UK, and crucial considerations when it’s time for […]


Why Choose QuickTanks?

Renowned for our top-quality tanks and fast delivery, welcome to QuickTanks! We started this business because we know how complicated and confusing it can be to choose the right heating tank for your property. Across England and Wales, over 850,000 households rely solely on oil to heat their homes. And someone has to be there […]

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