Bunded Oil Tanks

Explore our range of bunded heating oil tanks, ranging from 650 litres to 2500 litres. Our bunded oil tanks are available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit different properties. The excellent levels of protection ensure that the risk of leaks are minimal, and your heating oil will also be safe from opportunistic thieves.

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Protect your property with a quality bunded heating oil tank. Bunded tanks are essentially a tank within a tank, offering excellent protection against the risk of leaks. These are the most versatile option available, as the added protection means there are fewer restrictions on where the tank can be placed.

Choosing the right bunded oil tank for your property

Where possible, we recommend choosing the largest possible bunded oil tank for your home. There are considerable benefits to choosing a larger tank, as it will mean fewer oil deliveries and bigger savings. Remember that heating oil prices will vary throughout the year, so there is an advantage to being able to choose when you top up.

In general, you should choose a tank with around 500 litres per bedroom in the property. This should provide sufficient heating oil to power your central heating and keep the whole property warm.

Our plastic tanks offer excellent stability and protection, while also requiring far less maintenance than steel tanks. There is no risk of rust or corrosion with a plastic heated oil tank. For added stability, we also stock steel heating oil tanks that offer excellent protection against oil theft. A steel tank will require more maintenance to check for rust and corrosion.

To minimise the risk of theft, we recommend investing in a quality lock to make it more difficult to access your bunded heating oil tank. You can also purchase alarms that emit a high pitched noise if the tank is tampered with. Our bunded oil tanks offer a low profile, which should help to reduce the chances of being seen by opportunistic thieves. Some strategic planting of prickly shrubbery can also help to protect your investment.