Single Skin Oil Tanks

Single skin oil tanks offer a cost-effective solution for storing heating oil in your home or business. Single skin oil tanks are still allowed in domestic settings provided it meets the requirements. If you aren’t sure if you are able to install a single skin heating oil tank, get in touch with our team and we can advise you on the next steps.

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Single skin heating oil tanks offer a cost-effective way to store your heating oil. They are typically cheaper and easier to maintain and repair. The disadvantage of this type of heating oil tank is the higher risk of a leak or spill. To counter this, we recommend placing the heating oil tank in a spot where a spill can easily be contained.

We stock a wide range of heating oil tanks ranging in size from 650 litres to 1360 litres. We also stock a range of sizes and shapes, so you can find the perfect heating oil tank for your home. We stock slimline heating oil tanks that are perfect for smaller homes with limited outdoor space for heating oil.

Since there is a size limit on the capacity of a heating oil tank, and they are only allowed in domestic settings, these tanks are typically only recommended for smaller homes with lower demands for heating oil. It’s also important that these tanks are serviced regularly to ensure any leaks are spotted quickly.

Single skin tanks are easy to install and all of our tanks come with standard 1” BSP outlets which can be easily connected to the mains and isolated when required. All of our tanks also feature easy-fill lids which make for quick and simple oil deliveries.

The tanks are also lockable, which can offer additional protection against theft. However, for the best protection, we recommend a bunded oil tank, which offers a double layer. All of our single skin heating oil tanks are also available as a bunded version.