How to Make Your Heating Oil Last Longer

There’s no doubt about it – at the minute, the weather is freezing cold. Whenever winter rolls around, it’s important to keep your house nice and warm. Your health, and the actual structure of your home, depend on it. Of course, heating can be an expensive bill at the end of the month. To save as much money as you can, and to make your heating oil last longer, we recommend optimising your heating oil tank performance. 

Not sure how to do so? Read on for more, outlined by the experts here at QuickTanks.

Regular Maintenance and Inspections

This first tip might seem a little too clear-cut when it comes to optimising your heating oil tank performance, but we must be plain: the positive impact of regular maintenance and inspections on a heating oil tank is undeniable. 

Regular inspections mean that tank problems – like a minor leak or rusting – can be handled quickly and avoided in future. Your heating oil tank will not only last longer, but work better! Fuel usage is maximised, and energy waste is reduced merely by cleaning out clogged filters or making minor adjustments to your burner settings. 

Keeping the Tank Full in Off-Peak Seasons

Always keep your tank full in off-peak seasons, even when it’s not going to be seeing much use. An empty tank often allows condensation to form on the inside, leading to water accumulation in your heating oil tank. This water accumulation promotes the growth of bacteria, mould and corrosion.

If you’d like your tank to work at its best, leaving little airspace available for condensation to occur preserves the quality of your oil and the lifespan of your tank. In the winter, you’ll appreciate such preparation! 

Treating Fuel and Managing Sludge

Heating oil degrades over time like most other fuels. When it does so, it forms sludge and sediment, clogging the filters, fuel lines and burner nozzles of your tank. This reduces the performance and general energy efficiency of your heating oil tank, racking up expensive costs at the end of the month. Avoid these problems by treating your fuel with additives designed to disperse sludge and improve combustion. Frequent tank cleaning also manages any sludge within the filters and fuel lines of your tank. 

As a result, we must reiterate the importance of regular maintenance! 

Upgrading to a Higher-Efficiency Tank

If there’s nothing else to be done – you’ve cleaned out the sludge, kept the tank full, and ensured proper installation – upgrading to a higher-efficiency tank may be the best thing you can do for your tank’s performance. We at QuickTanks have a range of super-efficient heating oil tanks at our disposal for homeowners across the UK.

Most modern tanks have advanced features that boost their energy efficiency and overall function. Corrosion-resistant coatings and leak detection systems are just two examples of many! Making this investment is sure to benefit you in the long term with savings on maintenance and fuel. 

Proper Installation and Placement

If a heating oil tank is installed incorrectly, it could be uneven, which increases the risks of leaks and spills. Proper installation and placement of your tank are crucial to its performance. Always choose a qualified and certified professional to install your tank in line with current building regulations. You’ll know if a tank is installed properly if it is:

  1. On a stable, level surface
  2. Far away from potential hazards like drainage areas and heat sources
  3. Surrounded by adequate clearance for maintenance and ventilation purposes

Insulating the Tank and Pipes

One tip we highly recommend for optimising heating oil tank performance is insulating the tank and pipes. This helps to reduce heat loss – meaning you get the most out of your tank – and minimises condensation. 

When consistent fuel temperatures are maintained even with a thin layer of insulation (like a foam or fiberglass wrap) energy consumption is lowered, and you also prevent freezing during the cold wintertime. Your heating oil tank will thrive for longer, keeping you toasty no matter how low the temperature is outside. If you’d like to upgrade your heating oil tank to see a higher level of performance, consider the QuickTanks range, with free UK delivery included.

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