Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Heating Oil Tank

A heating oil tank is the overlooked hero of many properties in the UK. 

They are vital for keeping your home warm in winter, and your showers with a constant flow of hot water! Able to be installed outside, inside or even underground, heating oil tanks are available in a range of efficient configurations and – most importantly – can last for up to 20 years with regular maintenance. When the time eventually comes for a replacement, you must take swift action to avoid the heating oil from leaking out of the tank and putting your home (and the surrounding environment) at risk.

Yet, what if you’re unsure about the signs for a heating oil tank on the blink? Not to worry! We at QuickTanks are here to shed light on the common indicators of a deteriorating or outdated heating oil tank, below.

Age of the Tank

Even well-maintained tanks have an expiration date that must be adhered to. If your heating oil tank stands at around 10, 15 or even 20 years of use maximum, it’s time to replace it – no matter if it’s operating as usual. Full replacement at this point is more cost-effective than recurrent repairs, and homeowners will benefit in the long-term by not allowing the issues explored below to worsen and repeat over time.

Visible Rust and Corrosion

Visible rust and corrosion a glaring signs that you must replace your heating oil tank. Rust spots, particularly on tanks above the ground, indicate a weak spot in their shell – a vulnerability that can cause leaks and spills. 

However, rust can also develop on the inside of the tank, corroding your heating oil tank in a more insidious and unnoticeable way. Unfortunately, this rust is often overlooked until the damage is irreparable and leaks have already occurred.

Leaks and Spills

As mentioned above, leaks and spills are also major signs to replace your heating oil tank. You must begin looking for a replacement with QuickTanks immediately – even small leaks can become dangerous over time, being noticeable fire hazards. Regularly check the bottom of your tank and the surrounding area. 

There should be dark, odorous stains near a heating oil tank if a spill has occurred, though you may also notice a sudden drop in your oil levels.

Unstable Foundation

Does your oil tank look more unstable in its position than usual? If you’ve noticed uneven legs and overbalancing, then it might be time to replace your heating oil tank. This could be due to poor installation or soil shifting if outdoors, but it’s also a fault that comes with age. 

Inefficiency in Fuel Usage

If you’re using up more fuel than you expected – something that heating oil tank owners are well-acquainted with over years of use – this could signify an issue with your tank that requires a full replacement. 

When so much oil is being burnt up, a number of things could be wrong. The furnace of your heating oil tank could be aged and worn out, or there could be a bad leak in the bottom of your tank. If the numbers aren’t adding up and there’s not enough fuel to keep your tank running, purchasing a replacement should be a priority. 

Changes in Regulations

The UK government outlines stringent regulations as to the storing of oil in a heating oil tank at your home. The more the technology of heating oil tanks develops, the more these regulations evolve. Sometimes, older heating oil tanks just don’t cut it when it comes to new safety and environmental protection measures. It’s important to keep an eye on these changing regulations, and when new developments arise, make sure your heating oil tank is compliant. If it isn’t, order a replacement as soon as possible.

Ready to replace? Take a look through our range of tanks. At QuickTanks, we dispatch same day with Fast & Free delivery, not only that but at very affordable prices. 

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